Namaskar. For the purpose of this space, I’m Niramayi. I am a seeker, and a wanderer. I am a bhakta, and a yogini. A devotee of Mahadev, I am seeking to explore his infinite grace and bring myself closer to him.

Here I write about Hinduism, or more appropriately Sanatana Dharma, and my life as a Sanatani. I am by no means an expert, merely a student and these are my thoughts and experiences as I learn and walk this path.

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Niramayi is a Southern American of Black, and Native American descent. She is a student of the Nandinatha Sampradaya; a Śiva Bhakta and ardent believer in the beauty and goodness of all of the world. Raised by her father to find her own path, she explored many religious traditions before finding her way to Sanatana Dharma. It felt like coming home after a long journey.

This blog is a form of sadhana for Niramayi. A place to talk about Hinduism and it’s teachings, her love for Lords Śiva & Ganesha, and life as a Southern Hindu “convert”.

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Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? I would love to hear from you!